Industrial stone

The industrial stone is produced through fragmentation of excavated lime material.


Limestone is used in many industries, particularly in:

  • limestone industry – in milling and lime calcination plants,
  • power industry – as a raw material for the production of sorbents for flue gas desulphurisation,
  • steel industry – as a flux,
  • chemical industry, e.g. in soda plants,
  • sugar industry – as a raw material for the purification of sugar,
  • agriculture – for the production of calcium fertilizers,
  • ceramic and glass industry, building sector an in the water treatment process.


Our offer includes limestone in the following fractions: 0-2 mm, 0-30 mm, 0-60 mm, 20-40 mm, 30-60 mm, 40-130 mm, 70-110 mm, 80-120 mm and 90-160 mm.  

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