Agricultural industry is one of the main recipients of our limestone products.

Limestone products have a wide range of applications in agriculture and food industry. Our products are manufactured with the use of highest-quality Jurassic limestones. They are characterised by CaO content at the level of 53 to 55%, high reactivity and neutralisation number. They comply with all legal and production requirements regarding the purity of the composition. Fodder chalks manufactured from the Jurassic raw material have a high calcium assimilability level and bright colour which is a visual proof of the purity of stone used in their production. Our fertilizer products are fully certified. They are subject to a range of tests required for calcium fertilizers and constant internal and external quality control.


We cooperate with many distributors and offer seasonal discounts, special conditions for our regular partners, gradation of price and bonuses awarded according to collected quantities of fertilizers.

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Applications in agriculture

Limestone products are contained in finished compound feeding stuffs and premixtures of nutritional products or constitute an individual nutritional component, e.g. for poultry.

Calcium carbonate is also an effective way to restore proper pH of soil on which plants are cultivated. It also increases the quality of agricultural products.

Limestone products are also used in the sugar industry – in the production and purification of sugar.

Our offer

We offer agricultural limestone and dusts for feed and sugar industry.

We select grain-size distribution in accordance with technological requirements of producers of foodstuffs and individual farmers.

More details on our products for agriculture are available in ‘Limestone products’ section on pages dedicated to limestone dust and agricultural limestone.


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