Paper industry

We supply products of the highest quality to the paper market.

Production of paper requires the use of raw material with very high level of whiteness. In MMG Group, we successfully manufacture products with parameters allowing them to be applied in the paper industry.

Applications in paper industry

Depending on the type of paper to be manufactured, limestone and calcium carbonate contained therein can have several important functions, such as: raising the paper weight (as a filler) or providing colour and reducing the transparency (when applied on the surface). It is also used for purification of pulp and regeneration of soda as well as extraction of cellulose fibres.

Our offer

For the needs of paper manufacturing, we offer high-quality calcium carbonate with very high whiteness and content of pure component at the level above 98%. We specifically adjust physical properties of our products, for example granulation, to the customer’s requirements.

More details on our products for paper industry are available in ‘Limestone products’ on pages dedicated to limestone dust and industrial stone.


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