Providing raw materials for the construction of roads and other linear infrastructure is a vital element of our business.

Aggregates are basic raw materials used in the construction and repair of waterways, railways and roads.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge we are able to deliver material with relevant properties for specific applications. We support investments of different scales – from forest tracks to highways. Mines, from which we extract raw material, ensure the availability and high quality of our products. In addition to purely commercial service, we also organise efficient road and railway transport.

Applications in infrastructure

Aggregates with appropriate parameters are used for road embankments, base courses, asphalt and concrete pavements as well as road and enclosed structures. In hydraulic engineering works, crushed stones are used for constructing seawalls as well as strengthening and stabilising coastlines. Aggregates with proper aesthetics are employed in gabion reinforcements. Limestone products, in turn, find application in the production of injection mortar and stabilisation of soil.

Our offer

Our offer includes, among others, construction aggregates (lime and lime-gravel), grits and fillers for concrete and bitumen-aggregate mixtures, materials for the construction of embankments, land levelling etc.

All products are subject to in-house production control with proven quality confirmed with tests and quality certificate.

More details on our products are available in ‘Limestone products’ section on pages dedicated to  limestone dust and limestone aggregates.


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