Building Industry

Building industry is one of the major markets in which we specialise.

Limestone products constitute the basic raw material in the sector of construction materials and building industry. Currently, to be marketed, they must meet stringent quality requirements, in both physico-chemical and formal terms. Particularly important characteristics are: chemical composition, grain-size distribution, colour, specific surface area and humidity.

Stone manufacturers must constantly invest in their machinery and technologies to meet the growing demands of building industry. In the MMG group, we place special emphasis on this aspect (learn more in the section devoted to technologies, patents as well as R&D and investment projects).

Applications in building industry

Lime-based products, including limestone, are used, among others, for the production of lime, exterior plasters, mortars, low-strength concretes and limewashes.

Elements cut from natural stone are suitable for example for external façades of buildings or small architecture objects.

Our offer

Our offer for building industry includes ground and crushed lime-based products and elements cut from natural stone.

In our portfolio you can find: granite aggregates and grits for bridge concretes, fillers for the production of adhesives, plasters, mortars and paints, fillers for concrete and cut stone elements, e.g. for building façade, mainly made of Raciszyn travertine and Ukrainian granites.

More details on individual products for building industry are available in sections: Limestone products or Natural stone.


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