WKG Group stands for modernity in traditional industry. We are distinguished by innovation and advanced technologies.

Mining technologies

In our mines in Raciszyn, we use modern methods of extraction of deposit. We have implemented several innovative technologies as the first company in Poland!

In Raciszyn, we use such machines as: Xcentric Rippers replacing traditional hydraulic hammers and chainsaws used for cutting blocks directly from the wall.

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Limestone processing technologies

We have the most modern milling plant in the entire country. Our factory is fully automated and subject to certified Factory Production Control. We apply ISO 9001 Quality Management System. We have full control over each stage of the process – from the selection of raw material in a deposit to the examination of an individual shipment to the customer. We cooperate with accredited third-party laboratories.

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Stone processing technologies

Our Stone Processing Plant (or ZOK – short for Zakład Obróbki Kamienia) – based in Wojkowice in Upper Silesia is the most advanced stone plant not only in Poland but also in this part of Europe. Established in 2015, our Stone Processing Plant is an infrastructure developed according to the most stringent requirements and a brand new machinery park with machines from the best manufacturers in the world.


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Modern technologies in sales

We focus on state-of-the-art technologies not only in terms of methods of exploitation of raw material or its later processing. We are also working on launching a new innovative tool for on-line sales.

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