Responsible business

Responsibility is one of the most important values in our business. That is why we always act with due respect for social and environmental interest.


We manage our business in a way allowing all employees to carry out tasks corresponding to their aspirations. It is also important for us that they have a chance for professional development and constant improvement of competence.

MMG Group are professionals, people with passion, vast knowledge, experience and ideas. We are very proud of our team.

Every economic activity affects the environment, so we do our best to build good relations with local communities.

Local communities

We are committed to good relations and dialogue with people around us. We try to engage in local initiatives and – above all – minimise the nuisance associated with our business. Our aim is to be perceived as a good neighbour.

We protect the environment in two dimensions: firstly, we economically and responsibly manage our resources and reduce the emissions; secondly, we manufacture products which help other companies care about the environment.

Rational management of deposit

Knowing that our resources are not renewable, we extract them in a sustainable way. We aim to maximise the use of raw materials, by transforming by-products and wastes into high-quality products. We also invest in technologies allowing to increase the efficiency of extraction.

Minimising emissions

We make sure that the levels of emitted pollutants (flue gas, wastes, sewage and noise) generated during the process are reduced to the lowest extent. When possible, we use electric or gas-powered devices (instead of diesel fuel), maintain the process water in closed circuit, recover and make use of process heat, and properly manage by-products. Moreover, we help other companies reduce emissions by producing e.g. sorbents for flue gas desulphurisation and stone for wastewater neutralisation.

Innovations for the environment

We are not satisfied with ready-made solutions – we look for dedicated technologies which will best match our needs. We believe in constant development which is why we focus our efforts on research and development works. We have already patented three inventions related to the product manufacturing methods and we have completed several investment and R&D projects.