Awards and distinctions

In WKG Group, we put a special emphasis on continuous development. Each award and distinction motivates us to work even harder.

“Mocni w Biznesie 2016” award for WKG

WKG company was among the winners of Economic Award of Łódź Voivodeship “Mocni w Biznesie 2016” [Strong in Business 2016]. It was awarded in the category “EU project with potential”.

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WKG – Reliable Company

The Reliable Company is a program for the entrepreneurs who want to show that the reliability and integrity in business is most important for them.

The Reliability Certificate confirms the lack of unpaid liabilities which are recorded in the National Register of Debts BIG S.A. It constitutes an objective information about the solidity and solvency of a company.

WKG has been part of the Reliable Company program from 2015 on.

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