Mission, goals and principles

WKG is a dynamically developing group of companies specialising in extraction, processing and sales of mineral resources.

Our mission

Our mission is to supply high quality products manufactured with the use of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies and to promote domestic mineral raw materials both in Poland and abroad.

Our goals

Our goal is the continuous development of WKG Group understood as raising the number of its assets and companies, strengthening the position on the Polish market and expanding into foreign markets as well as increasing the innovativeness of applied technologies and improving the competence of our employees.

We also strive for extending the range of offered services and products as well as continuous improvement of the quality of our services.

Our well-qualified staff and modern technological facilities guarantee that we get the best out of raw materials, making the maximum use of their potential.

Our principles

Integrity is a core value on which we base our activities. All relations with our business partners are built on trust.

Professionalism – we know our job and we are dedicated to it. Caring for our customers, we constantly raise our qualifications to provide better services.

Responsibility – we know that we did not inherit Earth from our parents, but we borrowed it from our children. That is why we make sure that our activities have the least harmful environmental impact as possible. We rely on modern technologies and solutions which ensure rational management of resources and protect the natural environment.